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Plex Adds Free Chromecast Support, Media Shuffle A
2014-04-15 : Popular media server software Plex today announced that it added several new features, including camera uploads, Chromecast streaming and media shuffle, to its mobile read more about this article
Plex Adds Queues, Mobile Camera Upload, Chromecast
2014-03-13 : Streaming media platform Plex has a big update for users today, which includes opening up Chromecast support to all users, after debuting it as a feature read more about this article
Plex - Idownloadblog
2014-04-19 : While the Plex app previously supported Google’s Chromecast digital media the hack that allows you to run Plex on a non jailbroken Apple TV had read more about this article
Xbmc Cousin Plex Now Available To All Chromecast U
2014-04-15 : Chromecast owners now have access to Plex, one of the most popular multimedia services available. The service was previously only available on the Chromecast for Plex read more about this article
Plex And Chromecast Support Confirmed? - Page 2 -
2014-04-12 : Page 2 of 4 - Plex and Chromecast Support confirmed? - posted in Plex for Android: There probably is a bit of cash to grease the wheels. But Chromecast also needs to read more about this article
Five Best Chromecast Hacks To Make The Most Out Of
2014-04-18 : Chromecast is a device by Google available at very affordable price. Here are Best Chromecast Hacks to make your gadget even more useful. read more about this article
You Can Watch Plex, Espn And Use The Google Chrome
2014-04-15 : One Comment on “You Can Watch Plex, ESPN and Use The Google Chromecast As A Presentation Device With Experimental Full Screen Cast Feature” read more about this article
Users No Longer Need Plex Pass To Use Chromecast W
2014-03-13 : Previously, when users wished to use Plex with the Chromecast HDMI dongle connected to their HDTVs, they would need to download a separate app called read more about this article
Bubbleupnp (chromecast/dlna) 1.8.3"]2014-03-25 : 1.8.3 Free [hack]Download BubbleUPnP (Chromecast/DLNA) 1.8.3 New [hack] BubbleUPnP Plex, Twonky, Serviio, Windows Media Player and many more read more about this article
20 Tips And Tweaks For The Google Chromecast | Pix
2014-04-20 : A compendium of tips, tweaks and hacks for the Google's diminutive Chromecast dongle read more about this article
Plex App Gets Play Queues & Shuffle Support"]2014-04-06 : The Plex app has been updated with play queues & shuffle support, as well as free Chromecast support. Plex organizes all of your personal media, wherever you keep it read more about this article
How To Use Plex With Google Chromecast :: Web Deve
2014-04-17 : So the easy way to use your plex with Chromecast is as godaddy google Google Drive Google Places google+ hacks hiring holidays howto html forms image gallery read more about this article
Chromecast + Plex = Perfect! - Reddit: The Front P
2014-02-23 : I've been using Plex with my Chromecast this way for a couple of days and I'm better and at 1080p without the bullshit roundabout hacks to make read more about this article
Chromecast Hacks - Community - Google+
2014-04-08 : Chromecast Hacks. A community for Chromecast Hacking and Modding. What do you suggest I do to keep my Chromecast from stuttering when I watch Plex videos? read more about this article
10 Best Chromecast Hacks, Tips And Tricks For Mac
2013-10-08 : Google's tiny miracle, Chromecast, can be highly enhanced with the help of these hacks, tips and tricks. Joins us, as we venture to show you how to fully read more about this article